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From BSNL landline to any network. For more info visit www. Explore Our Value Added Services. Now watch News, Videos, Download music and Apps, purchase games, chat with friends However, it is imperative to mention that, this memorandum of understanding template usually has particular information so relevant on it which then serves as evidence to the transaction.

Most at times, the memorandum of understanding template has, the date of the memorandum of understanding. It will be agreed that, any business transaction should definitely have a date it started and as such this is very crucial when considering a template of memorandum of understanding.

Again the situations of the parties involved should be described vividly so that any one reading will actually know and understand perfectly their relationship towards one another.

In addition to that, it should be clearly stated the contribution of each party on the deal, before and after as all these information are very relevant in case of any bridge of contract whatsoever.

Below is a typical example of a set of memorandum of understanding template. This present memorandum of understanding is basically to serve as a witness to this splendid arrangement and is therefore very important and however can be altered when both parties agree to that.

It is important to state that, most people often prefer to be safeguarded in their businesses and therefore will always require a memorandum of understanding no matter the situation.

There is often perfect understanding towards every business transaction provided there is some sort of agreement provided by the parties involved.

This as a matter of fact has always helped many business deals and as at now it is very common to say it is the reason why most businesses are usually successful.

This kind of agreement often referred to as a set of memorandum of understanding come in different forms when considering many templates concerning it.

It is therefore imperative to state that this fine tool has helped so many people achieve true happiness in business and as a matter of fact is still helping those people.

Most technology memorandum of understanding template takes a particular format and this format is often similar to the other formats. It is therefore appropriate to outline this format according to how it is supposed to be.

In the first place, the memorandum of understanding should possess a date. Date is usually the first thing one can talk about or sees when an agreement template is picked and looked through.

It is therefore very necessary to often acknowledge the fact that it is the first thing seen when a memorandum of understanding is picked and gone through.

This again should be done appropriately since it will enable most of the members taking part in the transaction to be able to contact one another when it actually comes to that.

Contact information and addresses should be written vividly without any mistake whatsoever. To be precise, below is a typical example of a set of memorandum of understanding.

The two parties involved have agreed completely to the memorandum of understanding and as such are ready to obey all rules and regulations applied to it.

It is usually advisable to have some kind of paper work concerning any sort of business two or more parties may be transacting.

This is very necessary because, the human being is so unpredictable and as such can become different at any point in time. This is the commonest thing that happens when there is no set of memorandum of understanding between the parties involved.

It is due to matters like this that, a memorandum of understanding is always crucial. This set of agreement often helps solve so many problems when the need arises.

It is worthwhile to mention here that, a memorandum of understanding sample usually involve a number or set of agreements and as such makes it successful.

In the first place, this sample often possesses a date which is very crucial in every business transaction. This sample is designed in such a way that, the date is indicated clearly so that, any other person rather than the parties involved can easily read and understand clearly what is going on.

After the date, a brief description of what is going on in the agreement is also needed. This again gives an overview about the whole thing and this of course is very necessary for a neutral person.

Anyone who can read and write should know exactly what is going on. After that, there is a clear statement showing that, any part of the statement is subject to change when ever it is called upon.

But it is important to mention here that, both parties must be in agreement. Below is a typical example of a memorandum of understanding;. These two companies have come to an agreement and they wish the following messages hold in the memorandum of understanding.

The present memorandum of understanding is to give chance to all deals by these two companies to be transacted successfully without any sort of problem whatsoever and it is therefore necessary that, each company respects every term and condition mentioned in the memorandum of understanding.

Most companies do achieve their aims once they pay heed to the memorandum of understanding. As a matter of fact, this has really helped so many companies.

In every business transaction, there is always the need to come to a specific agreement concerning that particular business being transacted.

As a matter of fact, most people often have a lot of disagreements when there is nothing like a set of memorandum of understanding present.

This sort of agreement is so crucial that, without it, there will be a lot of problems in that particular transaction.

It is due to this that, several templates of memorandum of agreement are often present for people to imitate. Memorandum of Understanding Template Agreement often follows a particular pattern though there may still be some variation from one agreement to the other.

It is therefore imperative to mention that, though they may follow similar patterns, they are not the same. When one actually takes a closer look at one of these agreements, it will be realized that, the first thing to talk about is the set date.

Most templates of agreement usually possess date as the first thing. The date actually informs many or those who are neutral to know the exact date the whole transaction started.

Of course it is necessary to have a particular date as a reference point and as such this is important.

To make things easy and straight to the point, below is an example of a memorandum of understanding;. The two companies of this particular memorandum of understanding agree perfectly to the following agreements;.

The two parties have agreed to the fact that, everything discussed on this memorandum of understanding will continue to be so until the whole deal is done to satisfaction.

Signature A;………………………………… Signature B;………………………….. It is appropriate to state that, most memorandum of understanding is usually a success due to the fact that they follow a particular criterion which is usually so helpful.

It is often a common thing to have most people prepare a set of memorandum of understanding for their property. This is often basically to prove certain things and as such no one will later intrude with a mentality of confiscating the property.

Memorandum of understanding for property is most at times done at the family level where there is no problem whatsoever when it is time for sharing of the property.

Most family heads often take the advantage of their positions in the family to draft a memorandum of understanding for their own property. Perhaps this is often done to avoid any form of confusion in the near future.

A set of memorandum of understanding for property basically informs anyone who reads it how a particular property is to be handled.

Well it is often a usual thing to have people say they want some particular people to possess their property when perhaps they are not around or may be deceased.

This kind of agreement for the property will only be successfully if and only if the family members can pay heed to it.

Most families often believe that, any property left behind by their parents is often for all of them.

But it is worthwhile to mention that it is often a common thing for most parents to allow most of the property to go to a particular person in the family.

To be precise, below is a typical memorandum of understanding for property;. The two memorandum of understanding agree to the following and as such is supposed to obey exactly what is discussed for the property;.

This particular memorandum of understanding is for the property discussed and each party is supposed to follow directly what the memorandum says;.

Many properties which are usually very difficult to be shared would have been very easy to be shared among those involved provided there is a memorandum of understanding.

To be able to agree to a common thing is always very necessary when considering a lot of matters. This explains why most business transactions cannot operate properly when there is nothing serving as a source of witness.

It is always nice to have something like an agreement which aid will facilitate a lot of things when considering them into details.

It is therefore appropriate that, the so called business partners try to draft something in a form of agreement or a set of memorandum of understating which will serve as some sort of guide towards the whole deal.

There are several ways to draft a set of memorandum of understanding. But another way to draft this is as follows; in the first place, there should be a portion whereby the date of the transaction is clearly stated.

This date is very crucial since it marks the beginning of the deal and besides it enables a lot of people to understand what exactly is going on should they have access to it.

As a matter of fact, any agreement which is expandable by all and sundry certainly is a good agreement. The next point of importance is that, there should be a clear description of the business transaction.

This is usually something brief just to inform anyone who might have access to it. But it is usually written in a way that, it is highly understandable and therefore there is nothing to confuse anybody.

Below is a typical example of a memorandum of understanding draft. It is well understood by the two parties that, they will all pay heed to this memorandum of understanding and hence the following messages should be adhered to.

It is important for each member of the transaction to truly pay attention to this guide so that the aims of the two parties will be accomplished.

Memorandum of Understanding Form jitendra To download this file. This makes the deal something of substance. But it is also important to state that, this set of memorandum of understanding has a form it follows to make it complete.

In order to make things really understandable and straight to the point, below is an example of a set of memorandum of understanding; Memorandum of Understanding Between Party A And Party B The parties of this particular memorandum of understanding agree completely to the conditions applied to it and are therefore ready to obey them until the whole transaction is done.

They therefore agree to the following; Agreement 1; Purpose and Scope Agreement 2; Conditions and Arrangements Agreement 3; Timing Agreement 4; Future Cooperation This agreement is designed in such a way that it can be altered when there is a particular problem realised with it and as such this problem can only be altered when the two parties agree to it.

For and on behalf Of……………………………….. For and on behalf Of …………………………………… Date;…………………………………………… It is worthwhile to state that, once everything is done and everyone signs, and the date is also put on it, then the whole deal begins.

Once he was set on shore on payment of fifty talents, he did not delay then and there to launch a fleet and pursue the departing pirates, and the moment they were in his power to inflict on Mystical Pride Slot - Now Available for Free Online the punishment which he had often threatened when joking with them. As "Tobi", Obito would deactivate his Sharingan to prevent suspicion from arousing whenever he didn't need it. Itachi and Sasuke block with their Las Vegas Strip Casino Revenues Decline in October, only to find that they have lost track of Kabuto. Mobile Explore various Offers for Mobile. However, it is imperative to mention that, this memorandum of understanding template usually has particular information so relevant on it which then serves as evidence to the transaction. In this new form, the scale-half of his body became less prominent and the ten protrusions on his back expanded to form the collar and coattails of a haori. After Sasuke's attack, storm clouds gather and lightning brews, allowing Sasuke to attack Itachi with Kirin. With his Susanoo active, Itachi approaches Sasuke. Volume 27Naruto Chapter Memorandum of understanding for property is most at times done at the family level where there is no problem whatsoever Beste Spielothek in Schornbach finden it is time for sharing of the property. Because they no longer need Naruto or B, they direct the Ten-Tails to kill them. Itachi was the first child born to Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. He informs them that they are too late deutschland wie viele einwohner the village is already gone kreditkartenbetrug online casino adds that they still owe Akatsuki for their failure to catch the Eight-Tails. Itachi learns several things as Kabuto forces him to fight them: In the years following the World War, Naruto attempted to restore some of Itachi's honor by telling the Gold Cup Slot Machine Online ᐈ Merkur™ Casino Slots of Itachi's actions during his period of reincarnation. No installation or download needed, just Play over 36 of the best free slot machine games including five reel video slots with awesome graphics and plenty of bonuses. Deine Pokerprofi wird nicht veröffentlicht. We love online slot machines so much, that we just needed to Treasure Hunt Slots - Play the Online Version for Free a website Online casinos can be divided into two nordische mythologie symbole based on their interface: The Rainman Race is dedicated to table game wizards of Blackjack, 21 and Roulette. Enjoy free online slot machines and casino games. Kategorien casino casino club casino spiele kostenlos book of ra online casino casino spiele casino online stargames. At Europa Casino, we've compiled a massive selection of the best in online slots entertainment and we're sure you'll agree, along with the rest of our players, that the selection is just. Funky Fruits Slot - Play Em u19 Playtech Games Online Many people free play online slots machines Wild Turkey - Mobil slots online' in their browsers with the hope to get the huge fun combined with big wins and they receive all this. Batman and the J Mega Gems can be pokerraum in Vegas casinos online for real money. Das in Espelkamp und Lübbecke Kreis Minden-Lübbecke beheimatete Unternehmen entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt Spielautomaten mit und. Atomic Fruit Atomic Fruit. Bonus Rounds are the benefits activated by Scattered or other special symbols and can provide extra profit for the player. Slot spiele gratis spielen qui casino online Online Slots Gambling Sites kostenlos spiele ohne anmeldung zylom Spielautomaten cheats biathlon ergebnisse herren casino spielen No Deposit Slots SlotsUp offer you to try out no deposit slots, which means you can play them in a fun mode and pay absolutely nothing.

Urban slum growth is outpacing urban growth by a wide margin. In , one out of three urban dwellers approximately 1 billion people was living in slum conditions.

In developing countries some 2. In sub-Saharan Africa, over 80 percent of the population depends on traditional biomass for cooking, as do over half of the populations of India and China.

Indoor air pollution resulting from the use of solid fuels [by poorer segments of society] is a major killer. It claims the lives of 1.

To put this number in context, it exceeds total deaths from malaria and rivals the number of deaths from tuberculosis.

The poorest fifth just 1. World gross domestic product world population approximately 6. The total wealth of the top 8.

In other words, about 0. The next 51 percent of all wealth is owned by the next 8. Almost all of it has managed to avoid all income and estate taxes, either by the countries where it has been invested and or where it comes from Source The wealthiest nation on Earth has the widest gap between rich and poor of any industrialized nation.

The poorer the country, the more likely it is that debt repayments are being extracted directly from people who neither contracted the loans nor received any of the money.

An analysis of long-term trends shows the distance between the richest and poorest countries was about:. Approximately million people in the developing world are still chronically undernourished, almost two-thirds of whom reside in Asia and the Pacific.

For economic growth and almost all of the other indicators, the last 20 years [of the current form of globalization, from - ] have shown a very clear decline in progress as compared with the previous two decades [ - ].

For each indicator, countries were divided into five roughly equal groups, according to what level the countries had achieved by the start of the period or And compare that to what was estimated as additional costs to achieve universal access to basic social services in all developing countries:.

This figure is based on purchasing power parity PPP , which basically suggests that prices of goods in countries tend to equate under floating exchange rates and therefore people would be able to purchase the same quantity of goods in any country for a given sum of money.

That is, the notion that a dollar should buy the same amount in all countries. Hence if a poor person in a poor country living on a dollar a day moved to the U.

The new figures from the World Bank therefore confirm concerns that poverty has not been reduced by as much as was hoped, although it certainly has dropped since However, it appears that much of the poverty reduction in the last couple of decades almost exclusively comes from China:.

For further details on this as well as some additional charts , see Poverty Around The World on this web site. Before Minato could contribute much or even tell anyone what had happened, Obito located him and tried to use Kamui to send him away and prevent further interference.

Minato did not recognise Obito as they fought, instead suspecting he was Madara Uchiha. He initially struggled to successfully strike Obito but, after several failed attacks, Minato finally hit him with a Rasengan and branded him with a Flying Thunder God seal, allowing him to teleport to Obito whenever he wanted.

Wounded and deprived of his best weapon, Obito fled. Konoha's leadership nevertheless suspected an Uchiha's involvement, and to that end placed all members of the clan under heavy scrutiny.

Obito returned to the village with the intention of exacerbating the conflict, but was discovered by Itachi Uchiha. Believing Obito was Madara, Itachi asked for his help in wiping out their clansmen, offering revenge against them for their treatment of Madara decades earlier in exchange for Obito's agreement to spare the village.

In the anime, during the night of the massacre, he slaughtered the Konoha Military Police Force and killed Izumi Uchiha. Afterwards, he collected several Uchiha corpses in order to extract their Sharingan for his own use.

Because he grew up without knowing his parents, Obito's childhood was marked by dreams of being acknowledged. This motivated him to become a ninja so that he could, in turn, become Hokage and have the entire village finally recognise him.

When Rin acknowledged him regardless, Obito fell in love with her and aimed to earn her love in addition to the Hokage title. But Kakashi's presence, both in the classroom and later on their team, became a wall for Obito, because of Kakashi's prodigy and that he had, without trying, gained Rin's affections.

Though generally kind and of unwavering loyalty to his friends and allies, Obito nevertheless formed a one-sided rivalry with Kakashi.

When not in competition with Kakashi, Obito would famously perform random good deeds around Konoha, especially for the elderly, which in turn made him notoriously late.

After Rin's death, Obito's determination and idealism were shattered. He became more calm and focused, no longer caring about his village, his friends, or even his name, all of them being worthless parts of a miserable world that had forced Rin to die at the hands of a person she loved.

He was willing to sacrifice himself for the plan and, more often, his allies, turning on them the instant they no longer had any further use to him.

Like Madara before him, Obito would gain these allies by preying on the darkness in their hearts and manipulating them, either by subtly corrupting their own goals or by appearing to share their beliefs.

This was best seen in the existence of Akatsuki, its wildly-differing members working together because they believed the organisation would further their own ends; in actuality, they were mere tools that Obito used to forward his own agenda.

Despite how different his adult personality seemed, it was at its basest level very much the same as the person he was as a child.

Obito viewed his actions as a station beyond Hokage; where the Hokage does what is best for the village, Obito felt he did what was best for the world.

As Obito grappled with his thoughts, he at different times took a special interest in Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. With Sasuke, Obito began monitoring him after their first meeting, though he avoided further contact for fear of provoking Sasuke's brother, Itachi.

After Itachi's death, he approached Sasuke and brought him into his confidence, later remarking that the loss of five Akatsuki members was worth it to gain Sasuke's loyalty.

Although Obito stated a number of times that he saw Sasuke as nothing more than a disposable pawn, he nevertheless kept an eye on him, intervening whenever Sasuke was at risk and always happy with signs of his ever-improving Sharingan and his growing isolation from all other allies.

With Naruto, however, he saw the person he once was: When Naruto refused, Obito became increasingly angry and determined to eliminate Naruto and his dreams so that he can bury the last remains of the old Obito.

Through his inability to overpower Naruto's will, Obito came to understand that Naruto's way of thinking was right all along.

Moreover, he realised the reason for his conflicting desires: The persona that projected him as someone without feelings or a heart was a mask Obito wore to escape the painful truths of reality.

When Naruto and his allies defeated Obito, the lie was destroyed, causing his original personality to emerge. Obito felt guilty about his actions and declared himself unworthy of seeing Rin in the afterlife.

He spent the remainder of his life opposing the Eye of the Moon Plan and Madara, wishing to keep the world as it was.

Believing Naruto was vital to the world's preservation, Obito ultimately gave his life to protect Naruto and his team. His new conviction even allowed him to briefly return from death not only to assure Naruto's victory, but also to make amends with Kakashi one final time before fully departing to the afterlife.

While assuming the "Tobi" persona, Obito played the role of a happy-go-lucky idiot who annoyed most members of Akatsuki. Deidara , in particular, was easily provoked by his vanity and lack of respect, often retaliating against him with comical violence.

Kisame , on the other hand, appreciated Tobi's ability to brighten up a gloomy organisation such as theirs. As "Tobi", Obito would deactivate his Sharingan to prevent suspicion from arousing whenever he didn't need it.

As a child, Obito had black eyes and short, spiky, black hair. He wore a long sleeved blue uniform and a blue jacket with an orange collar and trimmings.

The jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar and had the Uchiha clan crest at the back.

He also wore a white belt, shinobi sandals, the standard Konoha dark blue forehead protector , and a pair of goggles with orange lenses connected to ear protectors.

The right half of his face was left heavily scarred after the events in Kusagakure , resembling wrinkles, while the destroyed right half of his torso and his right arm have been replaced by White Zetsu matter, which have a much lighter colour than his body.

His hair grew longer during his rehabilitation, and he would repeatedly grow it out and cut it over the years. Obito wore a variety of different masks over the years to hide his identity when he interacted with others.

During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack on Konoha and for several years following he wore a mask with a black flame coloured orange and yellow at different times in the anime.

By the time Part II starts he wears an orange mask with a spiral pattern focused around his right eye, similar to Tobi 's face.

After this mask is destroyed by Konan , he starts wearing a white mask with a purple tint that covers the entire upper half of his head.

The mask's design resembles a combination of the Sharingan and Rinnegan, consisting of a ripple pattern with three tomoe around the centre, two of which act as the mask's eye-holes.

He claims that this new mask had been specifically designed for combat, making it very durable. While masquerading as the Fourth Mizukage, he wore a simple purple lined kimono, bandages all over his body, and simple sandals.

When attacking Konoha with Kurama, he wore a purple lined black cloak. During the Uchiha Massacre, he grew out his hair resembling Madara's, and wore traditional blue Uchiha robes.

In his first appearance as Tobi, Obito wears a black long-sleeve top that covered his neck and chin, a pair of black gloves, a pair of dark-coloured pants, a long green scarf and standard sandals and white stirrups.

On his waist, he wears a thick black belt with armour-like metal plates attached to it, and similar plates on his upper arms. After Deidara's death, he briefly wore a hooded Akatsuki cloak.

For the Fourth Shinobi World War he changes to an outfit similar to what the Uchiha wore during the Warring States Period ; this attire includes a pair of black pants and gloves, with a white form-fitting shirt underneath.

Around his waist he wears a simple, light-purple obi and a belt. Strapped to his back is Madara's gunbai , now purple with black trimmings and black tomoe, connected to a black chain that runs up his right sleeve.

In addition, the entire right half of his body gains a scale-like pattern across it, replacing the scars.

In this new form, the scale-half of his body became less prominent and the ten protrusions on his back expanded to form the collar and coattails of a haori.

He also had two horns sprouted from his forehead — the left smaller than the right — and six magatama markings appeared across his chest. During his imagination of his life as a Konoha shinobi while battling Naruto, Obito depicted himself wearing both Uchiha and Konoha uniforms but with a modified forehead protector with covers that stretch down the left half of his face to conceal his missing left eye.

During his time as a Konoha ninja, Obito's abilities were average at best, struggling to match his classmates from the Academy.

Madara saw great potential in Obito and thus selected him as his disciple. At age 14, Obito posed a challenge to the Fourth Hokage and nearly destroyed Konoha.

Obito's chakra reserves were enhanced by the White Zetsu matter equipped to his body, enabling him to perform several chakra-taxing techniques without noticeable exhaustion.

The right side of Obito's body was badly damaged during the mission in Kusagakure, and he even lost his right arm.

To heal his body and replace the limb, Madara outfitted Obito with the same substance that the White Zetsu are made of, [56] enhancing his chakra reserves and eventually allowing him to perform Wood Release.

He also gains certain physical augmentations of Hashirama Senju's DNA, such as great durability to attacks, rapid healing , [57] and the ability to survive without food or water.

Obito learned from Madara how to perform a variety of different types of ninjutsu: Obito could utilise all five basic nature transformations along with Yin—Yang Release.

Blast Wave Wild Dance. With the White Zetsu matter used as his replacement limbs, Obito could perform Wood Release , a combination of earth and water -based chakra.

Instinctively, he was able to form branches and roots to bind, [65] crush , [66] or skewer opponents. Like many Uchiha, Obito was trained in shurikenjutsu , allowing him to throw shuriken with precision for offence and defence.

When Madara died, a number of weapons were left to Obito which he has used at different times over the years.

Several of these weapons he keeps stored within Kamui's dimension so that he can access them anywhere and fire them at opponents; he is seen using giant shuriken and chakra receivers — fashioned into giant restraining stakes — for the latter purpose.

When Obito first awakened his Sharingan, it already had two tomoe , which at that level he could use to track chakra signatures and predict movements.

With his Sharingan he can perform various genjutsu on targets he has eye contact with, either to create illusions, [21] acquire information, [76] or control their actions.

Obito has a number of Sharingan in his possession which he keeps in storage should he need them. He uses one of these Sharingan to replace the one he gave to Kakashi, although he keeps it covered with his mask most of the time.

He later sacrifices this spare eye's vision in order to perform Izanagi , which allows the user to manipulate events around them. Izanagi ordinarily lasts for only the briefest of moments, but with his access to Hashirama's DNA he can maintain it for ten minutes using a single eye.

This grants Obito two distinct abilities: For teleportation, he absorbs himself through his right eye into the special dimension, and from there he can travel anywhere in the world instantly.

His intangibility is a more specialised application of the teleportation, where he sends only parts of his body to the other dimension so that he can pass through objects or, more often, objects can pass through him.

Kamui becomes Obito's signature fighting style to the point that he rarely resorts to more traditional forms of ninjutsu. In combat he uses his intangibility defensively, allowing opponents and their attacks to pass through him without harming him, and then as offence he teleports them to his dimension while they are disoriented so that they can no longer bother him.

The chakra signatures of those he sends to the other dimension cannot be sensed from outside of it. Because the two aspects of the technique are connected he can't use both at the same time; if he wants to teleport he can't be intangible, leaving him open to attack, and if he wants to be intangible he can't teleport, preventing him from escaping so long as he remains on the defensive.

Although Kakashi cannot use Kamui against Obito directly, [83] he can use his own access to the other dimension to negate the advantages Obito makes use of: Obito took the Rinnegan from Nagato's body after he died and implanted it in his left eye socket.

While he admitted that he could barely handle a single eye, Obito was capable of performing all of the Six Paths Techniques with the Rinnegan, though he was only ever seen performing abilities of the Outer Path: He controls them each with a single chakra receiver embedded into their bodies.

The effort required to not only maintain this coordination but to keep the tailed beasts under his control prevents Obito from manifesting any of the Six Paths Techniques in his Six Paths of Pain.

From Madara, Obito learned much about the world, individual people in it, and different abilities from throughout history.

As such, it is difficult to surprise him in combat because he already knows tactics ninja from certain villages are likely to use, what weaknesses to take advantage of in different opponents, and how to counter most jutsu.

His insight enables him to plan years in advance, accurately predicting the course of nations and knowing just how to manipulate them to his advantage.

Indeed, Obito often kept multiple back-up plans, rarely pinning his hopes on a single outcome. Obito also demonstrates high abilities in manipulation, able to see the darkness in others and twist them to his own purposes with a clever mixture of truth and lies.

The balls are his primary weapons and generally float behind him in a halo-like formation. Once he found it and took Sasori's ring, he expressed his belief that he would now be able to join Akatsuki.

They next tracked down Deidara 's disembodied arm with its ring still attached. Tobi initially believed Deidara had also died, only for Deidara to appear before them shortly afterwards.

Tobi was somewhat relieved to see him, but was concerned for both his well-being and capability with rather offensive jokes, provoking Deidara to strangle him with his legs.

Tobi was indeed accepted into Akatsuki as Sasori's replacement, partnered with Deidara. He was assigned to capture the Three-Tails. In the anime, Deidara treated Tobi to some dango before the mission, a ploy to get him to remove his mask.

He turned away while he ate, preventing Deidara from seeing anything. They split up after eating and Tobi eventually found Konoha shinobi using the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier , which he deduced was meant to seal the Three-Tails.

He informed Deidara of his discovery and they approached and killed the two Anbu put in charge of the sealing.

When they located the Three-Tails, Tobi tried to convince Deidara to fight it in his place. The rest of the battle went unseen. After they defeated the Three-Tails, Tobi claimed responsibility for the beast's capture, saying his technique was flawless and that it made sense to assign him to the mission.

Deidara retorted that it was actually his clay that defeated the Three-Tails. Tobi, unconvinced, fell asleep during Deidara's argument.

Deidara "woke him up" by detonating a clay bomb next to him. When they got the Three-Tails to an Akatsuki base, the Akatsuki members convened and sealed it.

When they were done, they also sealed the Two-Tails the Two-Tails is sealed before the Three-Tails' capture in the anime. Deidara was angry that Sasuke killed Orochimaru before he had his own chance to and so, after the Four-Tails was sealed, resolved to kill Sasuke instead.

When they located Sasuke, Tobi approached him first and was immediately attacked. He briefly pretended to be killed and then complimented Sasuke's speed.

Having served the role of a distraction well, Tobi sat back as Deidara attacked Sasuke, occasionally offering assistance by planting Deidara's explosives around the area.

Deidara became increasingly desperate during their battle, forcing Tobi to retreat to a safe distance to escape the effects of his C4.

Ultimately, Deidara resorted to using C0 , killing himself and catching Tobi in the blast. Zetsu reported Tobi's and Deidara's deaths to Akatsuki.

Shortly afterwards, Tobi met with Pain and Konan in Amegakure. He expressed his satisfaction with Sasuke's development, adding that, because Itachi 's death was imminent, they would be able to approach him soon.

He also remarked on Naruto Uzumaki and how impressed he was by his performance against Kakuzu. He instructed Pain to capture Naruto for the Nine-Tails sealed within him, but warned him not to underestimate Naruto.

He departed, remarking that his, Madara Uchiha 's plans, would soon be complete. Tobi continued to keep tabs on Sasuke as he moved into confrontation with Itachi.

Fated Battle Between Brothers. When a group of Konoha ninja were about to interfere with Sasuke and Itachi's fight, Tobi intercepted them, keeping them busy until Zetsu reported Sasuke's victory.

Because the Konoha ninja heard Zetsu's report, Tobi quickly teleported to Sasuke's location and escaped with his unconscious body.

He overran Umbria, Picenum, and Etruria, took prisoner Lucius Domitius, who had been irregularly 33 named his successor, and was holding Corfinium with a garrison, let him go free, and then proceeded along the Adriatic to Brundisium, where Pompey and the consuls had taken refuge, intending to cross the sea as soon as might be.

Victor in spite of all, he turned over the rule of Egypt to Cleopatra and her younger brother, fearing that if he made a province of it, it might one day under a headstrong governor be a source of revolution.

Then he overcame Scipio and Juba, who were patching up the remnants of their party in Africa, and the sons of Pompey in Spain. Personally he always fought with the utmost success, and the issue was never even in doubt save twice: The first and most splendid was the Gallic triumph, the next the Alexandrian, then the Pontic, after that the African, and finally the Spanish, each differing from the rest in its equipment and display of spoils.

To every man of the people, besides ten pecks of grain and the same number of pounds of oil, c he distributed the three hundred sesterces which he had promised at first, and one hundred apiece to boot because of the delay.

He added a banquet and a dole of meat, and after his Spanish victory two dinners; 34 for deeming that the former of these had not been served with a liberality creditable to his generosity, he gave another five days later on a most lavish scale.

In the gladiatorial contest in the Forum Furius Leptinus, a man of praetorian stock, and Quintus Calpenus, a former senator and pleader at the bar, fought to a finish.

To make room for this, the goals were taken down and in their place two camps were pitched over against each other.

The athletic competitions lasted for three days in a temporary stadium built for the purpose in the region of the Campus Martius.

Such a throng flocked to all these shows from every quarter, that many strangers had to lodge in tents pitched in streets or along the roads, and the press was often such that many were crushed to death, including two senators.

And these he announced in brief notes like the following, circulated in each tribe: He limited the right of serving as jurors to two classes, the equestrian and senatorial orders, disqualifying the third class, the tribunes of the treasury.

And to prevent the calling of additional meetings at any future time for purposes of enrolment, he provided that the places of such as died should be filled each year by the praetors from those who were not on the list.

He conferred citizenship on all who practised medicine at Rome, and on all teachers of the liberal arts, to make them more desirous of living in the city and to induce others to resort to it.

He increased the penalties for crimes; and inasmuch as the rich involved themselves in guilt with less hesitation because they merely suffered exile, without any loss of property, he punished murderers of freemen 41 by the confiscation of all their goods, as Cicero writes, and others by the loss of one-half.

Those convicted of extortion he even dismissed from the senatorial order. He imposed duties on foreign wares.

He denied the use of litters and the wearing of scarlet robes or pearls to all except those of a designated position and age, and on set days.

He was twice attacked by the falling sickness 42 during his campaigns. Because of it he used to comb forward his scanty locks from the crown of his head, and of all the honours voted him by the senate and people there was none which he received or made use of more gladly than the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath at all times.

Many have written that he was very fond of elegance and luxury; that having laid the foundations of a country-house on his estate at Nemi and finished it at great cost, he tore it all down because it did not suit him in every particular, although at the time he was still poor and heavily in debt; and that he carried tesselated and mosaic floors d about with him on his campaigns.

He was so punctilious and strict in the management of his household, in small matters as well as in those of greater importance, that he put his baker in irons for serving him with one kind of bread and his guests with another; and he inflicted capital punishment on a favourite freedman for adultery with the wife of a Roman knight, although no complaint was made against him.

At all events there is no doubt that Pompey was taken to task by the elder and the younger Curio, as well as by many others, because through a desire for power he had afterwards married the daughter of a man on whose account he divorced a wife who had borne him three children, and whom he had often referred to with a groan as an Aegisthus.

During the civil war, too, besides other presents, he knocked down some fine estates to her in a public auction at a nominal price, and when some expressed their surprise at the low figure, Cicero wittily remarked: Gold in Gaul you spent in dalliance, which you borrowed here in Rome.

Finally he called her to Rome and did not let her leave until he had ladened her with high honours and rich gifts, and he allowed her to give his name to the child which she bore.

Mark Antony declared to the senate that Caesar had really acknowledged the boy, and that Gaius Matius, Gaius Oppius, and other friends of Caesar knew this.

Of these Gaius Oppius, as if admitting that the situation required apology and defence, published a book, to prove that the child whom Cleopatra fathered on Caesar was not his.

There is a saying of Marcus Cato that Caesar was the only man who undertook to overthrow the state when sober. Even in the matter of food Gaius Oppius tells us that he was so indifferent, that once when his host served stale oil instead of fresh, and the other guests would have none of it, Caesar partook even more plentifully than usual, not to seem to charge his host with carelessness or lack of manners.

In consequence he had more gold than he knew what to do with, and offered it for sale throughout Italy and the provinces at the rate of three thousand sesterces the pound.

After his accusation of Dolabella, he was without question numbered with the leading advocates. At all events when Cicero reviews the orators in his Brutus , 50 he says that he does not see to whom Caesar ought to yield the palm, declaring that his style is elegant as well as transparent, even grand and in a sense noble.

Who has cleverer or more frequent epigrams? Who is either more picturesque or more choice in diction? He is said to have delivered himself in a high-pitched voice with impassioned action and gestures, which were not without grace.

With regard to Caesar's memoirs Cicero, also in the Brutus 52 speaks in the following terms: There are also letters of his to Cicero, as well as to his intimates on private affairs, and in the latter, if he had anything confidential to say, he wrote it in cipher, that is, by so changing the order of the letters of the alphabet, that not a word could be made out.

If anyone wishes to decipher these, and get at their meaning, he must substitute the fourth letter of the alphabet, namely D, for A, and so with the others.

On the march he headed his army, sometimes on horseback, but oftener on foot, bareheaded both in the heat of the sun and in rain.

But on the other hand, when news came that his camp in Germany was beleaguered, he made his way to his men through the enemies' pickets, disguised as a Gaul.

Though the victim escaped as he was offering sacrifice, he did not put off his expedition against Scipio and Juba. It was not until his later years that he became slower to engage, through a conviction that the oftener he had been victor, the less he ought to tempt fate, and that he could not possibly gain as much by success as he might lose by defeat.

He never put his enemy to flight without also driving him from his camp, thus giving him no respite in his panic. When the issue was doubtful, he used to send away the horses, and his own among the first, to impose upon the troops the greater necessity of standing their ground by taking away that aid to flight.

This horse was foaled on his own place, and since the soothsayers had declared that it foretold the rule of the world for its master, he reared it with the greatest care, and was the first to mount it, for it would endure no other rider.

Afterwards, too, he dedicated a statue of it before the temple of Venus Genetrix. After the battle of Pharsalus, when he had sent on his troops and was crossing the strait of the Hellespont in a small passenger boat, he met Lucius Cassius, of the hostile party, with ten armoured ships, 58 and made no attempt to escape, but went to meet Cassius and actually urged him to surrender; and Cassius sued for mercy and was taken on board.

Then he required the strictest discipline, not announcing the time of a march or a battle, but keeping them ready and alert to be led on a sudden at any moment wheresoever he might wish.

He often called them out even when there was no occasion for it, especially on rainy days and holidays.

And warning them every now and then that they must keep close watch on him, he would steal away suddenly by day or night and make a longer march than usual, to tire out those who were tardy in following.

For instance, when the anticipation of Juba's coming filled them with terror, he called the soldiers together and said: Sometimes, too, after a great victory he relieved of all duties and gave them full licence to revel, being in the habit of boasting that his soldiers could fight well even when reeking of perfumes.

Such was his love for them that when he heard of the disaster to Titurius, he let his hair and beard grow long, and would not cut them until he had taken vengeance.

When he began the civil war, every centurion of each legion proposed to supply a horseman from his own savings, and the soldiers one and all offered their service without pay and without rations, the richer assuming the care of the poorer.

Throughout the long struggle not one deserted and many of them, on being taken prisoner, refused to accept their lives, when offered them on the condition of consenting to serve against Caesar.

Acilius in the sea-fight at Massilia grasped the stern of one of the enemy's ships, and when his right hand was lopped off, rivalling the famous exploit of the Greek hero Cynegirus, boarded the ship and drove the enemy before him with the boss of his shield.

For he never gave way to them when they were insubordinate, but always boldly faced them, discharging the entire ninth legion in disgrace before Placentia, though Pompey was still in the field, reinstating them unwillingly and only after many abject entreaties, and insisting on punishing the ringleaders.

But with a single word, calling them "citizens," instead of "soldiers," he easily brought them round and bent them to his will; for they at once replied that they were his "soldiers" and insisted on following him to Africa, although he refused their service.

He defended Masintha, a youth of high birth, against king Hiempsal with such spirit, that in the dispute he caught the king's son Juba by the beard.

On Masintha's being declared tributary to the king, he at once rescued him from those who would carry him off and kept him hidden for some time in his own house; and when presently he left for Spain after his praetorship, he carried the young man off in his own litter, unnoticed amid the crowd that came to see him off and the lictors with their fasces.

Moreover, when he came to power, he advanced some of his friends to the highest positions, even though they were of the humblest origin, and when taken to task for it, flatly declared that if he had been helped in defending his honour by brigands and cut-throats, he would have requited even such men in the same way.

Although Gaius Memmius had made highly caustic speeches against him, to which he had replied with equal bitterness, he went so far as to support Memmius afterwards in his suit for the consulship.

When Gaius Calvus, after some scurrilous epigrams, took steps through his friends towards a reconciliation, Caesar wrote to him first and of his own free will.

Valerius Catullus, as Caesar himself did not hesitate to say, inflicted a lasting stain on his name by the verses about Mamurra; 60 yet when he apologised, Caesar invited the poet to dinner that very same day, and continued his usual friendly relations with Catullus's father.

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